Vegetaball’s Pesto

Traditional Basil Pesto

Welcome to Vegetaball’s Pesto

Our craft is making pesto. We start with the selection of the ingredients and then use our craftsman approach to make a basil pesto that is of the highest quality.

Our work brings us joy . . . our labor is a labor of love.

We pass that joy on to you in the form of our fine basil pesto.



  • Fresh Basil

  • Pure Olive Oil

  • Parmesan Cheese

  • Romano Cheese

  • Butter

  • Pine Nuts

  • Garlic

  • Sea Salt


Simple & Nutritious

  • Create extra time in your life and relieve
    the stress of continuously having to invent
    creative, unique and appetizing meals.

    Try as we might to stock our cupboards
    with nutritious ingredients and refrigerators
    with whole food, sometimes life doesn’t slow
    down enough to make whole eating and
    nourishing meals a priority.

    Vegetaball’s Pesto is easy to use and nutritious
    and can be creatively applied to a wide range
    of dishes that your family will love.

    Here are some ideas for simple and nutritious
    meals and side dishes you can make with pesto.

Special Creations with Pesto

Preparing meals using basil pesto is easy, fast, and nutritious.
Here are some ideas . . .

Pesto Creations

We make our pesto using a time-tested recipe and method.
When we make our pesto each batch is small and each batch is special.
Vegetaball’s Pesto
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